Single Visit Crowns

How Does CEREC Work?

CEREC is a camera, computer and precision manufacturing machine all in one. We use CEREC’S built in camera to take a picture of the damaged tooth. Using this image, the CAD (Computer Assisted Design) function of the CEREC designs the porcelain restoration. Then, the CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) function mills the restoration out of a block of porcelain. We check the crown in your mouth to make sure it fits properly before sintering and glazing it in our oven. This process increases the strength of the porcelain and provides the esthetic finish. We then bond the crown/filling to your tooth and are finished! For more information about this amazing technology, visit the CEREC website.

What Are The Advantages of CEREC?

  • Single appointment restoration
  • Natural tooth colored porcelain filling
  • No messy impressions or plastic temporaries
  • Closest filling material to natural tooth available
  • Precise computer generated fit allows preservation of tooth structure
  • 15 years of positive clinical research

What does this mean for you?

  • One visit needed
  • No messy impressions or temporary restoration that is likely to fall out
  • Esthetic results
  • Among the strongest and hardest porcelain available

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