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Crown Sensitivity… How Long Should It Last?

New crown sensitivity can very from person-to-person, so this can be a difficult question to answer unless you go to the source that knows best- the dentist who placed your crown.  Prior to going to your appointments, it is helpful if you have identified as many of the facts and/or triggers for any symptoms you have.  For example: Are your teeth sensitive to hot, cold, sweet, touch, pressure, or biting?  The remedy for your sensitivity from your new crown may be as simple as adjusting a minor high spot when you bite.  Other questions to discuss with your dentist include: What was the extent of decay in the tooth prior to the crown?  How close to the pulp (that contains the nerve) was the decay?    Some sensitivity is normal after a crown as the tooth settles down; However, increasing sensitivity or pain after a week or more warrants a follow up visit to your dentist.


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