Ask Us About Dental Implants

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Ask Us About Dental Implants

In our opinion the dental implant is the best thing that has happened to dentistry.  Dental implants have given us the ability to reconnect people with something they have lost.  Simply put, a dental implant is a way in which we can replace a lost tooth; from the root all the way to what you see in the mouth.  This replacement root may be used for a number of applications.  If it is a single tooth that has been lost we can use an implant as a fixture for a new tooth by way of a single crown.  For someone who has had to resort to the use of complete or partial dentures, dental implants can be used to fasten down the denture.  This will eliminate a loose denture creating a more functional and comfortable fit.  The loss of teeth can have a dramatic effect on your life both physically and mentally, and greatly affect your personal life and career.  Let us help reconnect you with something that has been lost and replace it with a smile.  Come visit us for your implant consult.

Dr. Peter McDonald of McDonald Family Dentistry in East Grand Forks, MN completed a one year fellowship in implant dentistry through the Medical College of Georgia where he studied under some of the top dental clinicians in the world.  During this time Dr. Peter learned the importance of proper treatment planning, essential techniques in bone grafting and soft tissue periodontal management, and the proper surgical procedures to insure successful implant therapy.  Dr. Peter has been providing the Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN areas with high quality dental implant therapy for the past ten years.  Dr. Peter has placed over 600 implants correcting a wide range of dental needs including fixed dentures (“teeth in a day”), implant supported removable dentures, and single tooth replacement.

If you are in need of dental implant therapy to replace a missing tooth, of you have a failing root canal requiring extraction, or if you would like to improve the fit and function of your denture please contact Dr. Peter McDonald’s staff at McDonald Family Dentistry in East Grand Forks, Minnesota to schedule a consult today!

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